Roasted By Dragons

Roasted By Pros

Coffi Diolch only uses trusted partners to hand-roast the best beans to the highest quality standards in small batches.
All for you!

Totally Responsible

The beans used are traceable to their origins, and are actually roasted using heat gained from used coffee grounds, completing the circle.

Just One Blend

Nobody likes everything. There could be fifty coffees available to you here roasted to five different levels each, and you still may not like any of them.
We do one coffee, reliably, and you know it’ll be perfect every time.

Who’s Coffi Diolch (and why do we need another coffee)?

Coffi Diolch is part of Diodydd Diolch Drinks, which grew naturally from Pip’s Real Hot Chocolate.  Pip has been making and selling hot chocolate since 2014, which (now I come to write it) is a frighteningly long time.  Not being a coffee-drinker myself, hot chocolate is ‘Pip’s drink of choice’, but commercial hot chocolate was just not good enough so I became one of the pioneers of the move you’re now seeing towards Real Hot Chocolate.

This doesn’t have much to do with coffee so far, so how has this happened?  During the interesting times of 2020-22, the hospitality industry was hit incredibly hard.  For a small business producing very seasonal drinks, it was trouble.  Especially when many cafés were closed during the colder months.  Some for good.  Pip’s needed to make some changes!

As already mentioned, Hot Chocolate is a drink that’s very seasonal.  Coffee is not so much.  I’ve heard for years how my wholesale customers (and those who declined my wonderful products) find it easier to get all their stock from one source, so I checked out a few small-batch roasters and found the perfect partner who worked with me to create a perfect blend.
A blend of three origin beans in perfect balance.
It has a wonderful clean toasty flavour with lingering notes of dark chocolate and fruits, and pairs amazingly with my hot chocolate for an awesome mocha.

Surprisingly I quite like it too!  For someone who doesn’t like coffee, that’s good.


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